About AAH Publishing
AAH is an acronym for Authors as Heroes. Our mission is threefold: 1) to broaden children’s understanding that authors are heroes 2) to enhance children’s reading and writing skills with innovative tools and 3) to provide quality literature for all children. This practice was developed in Kristin’s classroom in an effort to inspire young readers, parents and educators to use children’s books and ‘author studies’ to hone skills in fun and creative ways!

When we pause to think about the power of the written word, it is evident that authors play a critical role in our lives. Books, songs, movies, television, history, news, it all begins with authors! Also, we are each literally and figuratively the writers of our own story.  What better way to capture these stories than becoming proficient writers ourselves? Thus, AAH Publishing!  We make it possible to foster a love of books by teaching children to “read like a writer and write for the reader.”

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Meet Kristin
Kristin has been in the educational field for eighteen years.  Her career began in Early Childhood Education where she taught preschool through third grade.  She has a Master’s degree in Education along with a Specialist Degree in Administration. Her journey in the classroom led her to a Literacy Coordinator role where she focused on delivering quality professional development and the coaching of teachers.  She is currently a Director for Programs and Partnerships for a nonprofit agency providing a variety of consultative services across the country focused on equitable education outcomes for all children .


Authors as Heroes was a concept that was born when she taught elementary school. Through those years spent in the classroom, she developed a love for children’s books and realized the value and role that they can play while teaching the craft of writing. By studying children’s authors, Kristin was able to identify beneficial ways to teach basic tenets of good writing and at the same time foster a love of reading and storytelling in children. The results were amazing!  


With the permission of various authors, she has developed lesson plans to utilize a variety of children’s books as mentor texts. In addition to realizing the value of using children’s books for this purpose, she also developed her own passion for writing.  My Friend Mi Amigo is the first of her published children’s books.  

Learn more about Authors as Heroes and the lesson plans that Kristin has developed by contacting her directly. Additionally, you can see examples of the featured authors and lesson plans in the AHH Lesson Plans tab or by visiting: www.authorsasheroes.com.